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Le Spot On… Leon Vynehall [Pt.1]


Portsmouth based producer Leon Vynehall is definitely one of the most interesting up-and-coming artist of the Deep House scene. The English talent made his debut in 2012 on Well Rounded Housing Project and George Fitzgerald‘s label ManMakeMusic and reached a wider audience with his now classic House EP entitled BROTHER & SISTER released on Will Saul‘s Label AUS MUSIC in 2013.

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STUDIO 514 – Session #04 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.4]


Summertime is here and we are back to deliver our monthly STUDIO 514 Disco session!
This week, we open the show with the soulful Jeffree and One Last Chance. Next to come is the Salsoul classic by Loleatta Holloway with Dreamin’, what a nice breakdown! Then, the German Disco producer Harry Thurmann rocks the dancefloor with Give A Little Help.

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Le Spot On… Motor City Drum Ensemble [Pt.1]


Born and raised in the German Motor City of Stuttgart, Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble released some of the most acclaimed Deep House tracks of the last 3 years. His incredible set of releases entitled Raw Cuts are as famous as his DJ Kicks mix compilation on the !K7 label.

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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #14 – House Session


It’s summertime and the 14th session of the DYNAMIC ROCKERSLIVE n’DYREC Radio Show is here!
This week, we open the show with the title Wie Gehts released on Let’s Play House in 2012 by the German artist Fantastic Man. Then comes Amoroso by Chris Simmonds followed by the unique sounding Maputo jam by Cuthead from Dresden.

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STUDIO 514 – Session #03 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.3]


This is it! The third episode of our monthly STUDIO 514 disco session is here.
This week, we open the show with DYNAMIC SUPERIORS and I CAN’T STAY AWAY.

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Le Spot On… Robsoul Recordings [Pt.1]


Launched in 2000 by PHIL WEEKS, ROBSOUL RECORDINGS was first thought as a personal playground where he would be able to release his own work.

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Le Spot On… I’m A House Gangster [Pt.1]


It all started late 2000s with this statement: I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER. Mr CARLOS SOSA aka DJ SNEAK himself launched the movement that since gained worldwide popularity; and this for a great cause, the sake of HOUSE MUSIC.

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Le Spot On… Phil Weeks [Pt.1]


The first time we saw PHIL WEEKS live was in 2004 at the TERRASSA PARTY in Paris. He was opening for Chicago House Legend DJ SNEAK. I remember a super fat set which drove everybody insane. I also remember that the party started at 8:00pm and finished at 6:00am. It was a long, long House music run in a hot summer night. The following year he was there again, this time opening for DERRICK CARTER and once again the night was wicked and memorable.

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Le Spot On… Monoman [Pt.1]


Matthew Johnson aka MONOMAN is the founder of the British Manchester based label AMBUSHED. MONOMAN graduated from Leeds College of Music and is now part of Manchester based ESCAPE STUDIOS

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STUDIO 514 – Session #02 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.2]


Welcome aboard for the second episode of our monthly STUDIO 514 DISCO session.
This week, we open the show with GET READY by PATTIE LABELLE….

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