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Le Spot On… Monoman [Pt.1]


Posted the 28th avril 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

Matthew Johnson aka MONOMAN is the founder of the British Manchester based label AMBUSHED. MONOMAN graduated from Leeds College of Music and is now part of Manchester based ESCAPE STUDIOS.
His taste for details in music made him quite well known for his mastering touch and mixing skills, fat ;)

Also known as MATTY LOPEZ, STEREO GANGSTAZ and other nicknames, he is really influenced by the CHICAGO HOUSE scene and genuine House Music. One of his main influence is DERRICK « THE MAESTRO » CARTER and he worked numerously with DJ SNEAK on own productions and remixes.

Although MONOMAN is super active underground, even acting undercover, he is very discreet. It’s not the name that counts for him, nor the fame of the thing, it’s all about music, keeping it real, keeping it loud…
The nickname sums it all ;)

For this, and for your excellent productions, you deserve all our respect and support.

Ⓒ Dynamic Rockers 2014


Dynamic Rockers
Le Spot On... Monoman [Pt.1]


To start this first episode about MONOMAN‘s music, here is a little selection to please your ears:

01. Sonny Fodera – Yeah Girl (Monoman Remix)
02. Od Muzique – Dig Deeper (Monoman Remix)
03. Greg Campbell – Flashback 77 (Monoman’s Dirty Disco Mix)
04. Monoman – Boot Gang (Original Mix)
05. Monoman – Fuego (Original Mix)
06. Monoman – High Life (Original Mix)
07. Rylan White – Chicken Tetrazzini (Monoman Remix)



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