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Le Spot On… Henry Street Music [Pt.1]


Posted the 25th mars 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

Legendary label founded in 1993 by JOHNNY « D » DE MAIRO and NICHOLAS PALMERO JR. aka NICKY P, HENRY STREET is just one of the best NYC House music label of all time.

Disco Dj from Brooklyn, Johnny learnt the old school deejaying way back in the 80s. Senior director A&R and remix co-ordinator for ATLANTIC RECORDS, he signed there international hits such as PROFESSIONAL WIDOW by TORI AMOS, MISSING by EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL, and of course, the album ALL IN THE MIND by THE BUCKETHEADS which contains THE BOMB!

HENRY STREET and its first project, THE BUCKETHEADS, started as a reaction against early 90s commercial Eurodance. One night, KENNY DOPE was driving from Manhattan to Brooklyn with JOHNNY « D ». As they were listening to some ‘terrible records’ on the radio, DOPE had this idea to melt together old Disco classics and House music. Filtered Disco House was born…

The roster of the label is truly amazing, only made of NYC House legends, the Dream Team: KENNY DOPE, TODD TERRY, DJ SNEAK, ARMAND VAN HELDEN, MIKE DELGADO, MATEO & MATOS, JOHNICK etc…
There was a before and an after HENRY STREET. They started « modern » House music, and in order to lay the cornerstone of this new era, first record out in 1994: THE BUCKETHEADSWHEW :)

HENRY STREET is the name of a street in Brooklyn Heights which was next to where Johnny lived. The famous picture of the sleeves and record centres is taken in front of 276 Henry Street facing North ;)

As an introduction to this genius label we are going to play you a selection to rock your soul. It also features one of our all time TOP10 House music record ever: THE UPSTAIRS LOUNGE by MIKE DELGADO.
Honestly this record is insane, both sides, wicked. The first time I listened to BYRDMAN’S REVENGE was late 1997. ETIENNE DE CRECY played it on a radio show and I have to say, it gave me goosebumps and electrified my spine… The cassette tape was not leaving my car to be played wherever I went, and I had copies in all my players around my apartment to live it full time :) The filtered build up is insane, and the sample… THE SAMPLE!!! It truly changed our lives, thank you Mike ;)

Back when I was living in the UK, in Leeds, I remember running to HMV to get it, but the world demand was so high that is was constantly out of stock. You could not get it without being on a limited number pre-order list. The demand was so high that they only received a couple of copies every 10 day, at best.
I remember Djs crying, mad to get it or offering more than twice the price of the record to get the copy someone just received. I remember this morning when I opened the mail box and found a card from HMV telling me MY copy had arrived after a seven-weeks wait :D Honnestly Mike, you rock ;)

Enough talking now, open your ears and enjoy this first HENRY STREET MUSIC episode.

Ⓒ Dynamic Rockers 2014



01. The Bucketheads – I wanna Know
02. Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
03. Mike Delgado presents The Upstairs Lounge – Soul Good
04. Mike Delgado presents The Upstairs Lounge – Byrdman’s Revenge
05. JohNick – Play the World (Remastered)
06. The Bucketheads – The Bomb!
07. JohNick – Open your eyes




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