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Le Spot On… Henry Street Music [Pt.1]


Legendary label founded in 1993 by JOHNNY « D » DE MAIRO and NICHOLAS PALMERO JR. aka NICKY P, HENRY STREET is just one of the best NYC House music label of all time.

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Le Spot On… Masters At Work [Pt.1]


The name sums it all, there is music before, and music after the MASTERS AT WORK
Saying that they are influential is a weak word… They are the Masters! The originators of New York HOUSE MUSIC. They are HOUSE MUSIC… and they changed our lives forever…

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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #05 – Disco-House Session 1

LIVE n'DYREC Episode #05

Hi everybody, you’re listening to the DYNAMIC ROCKERS’ LIVE n’DYREC radio Show. The mix of the week is all about Disco House Music gems from 1998 to 2003.

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