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Le Spot On… Fred Falke [Pt.1]


The first track from FRED FALKE we have ever listened to was INTRO in September 2000. I remember this bomb being dropped in World Premiere by then French radio superstar MAX in his daily show LE STAR SYSTEM. The following morning, everyone who was into House music was already harassing DJ Shops to get it :D Everybody had to get his hands on this insane anthem.

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Le Spot On… I’m A House Gangster [Pt.1]


It all started late 2000s with this statement: I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER. Mr CARLOS SOSA aka DJ SNEAK himself launched the movement that since gained worldwide popularity; and this for a great cause, the sake of HOUSE MUSIC.

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Le Spot On… DJ Sneak [Pt.1]


CARLOS SOSA aka DJ SNEAK is amongst our most influential HOUSE MUSIC artist, he changed our lives. The first track we ever listen to from DJ Sneak was TRIBAL SEX in 1995, instantly hooked.

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Le Spot On… Henry Street Music [Pt.1]


Legendary label founded in 1993 by JOHNNY « D » DE MAIRO and NICHOLAS PALMERO JR. aka NICKY P, HENRY STREET is just one of the best NYC House music label of all time.

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Le Spot On… Masters At Work [Pt.1]


The name sums it all, there is music before, and music after the MASTERS AT WORK
Saying that they are influential is a weak word… They are the Masters! The originators of New York HOUSE MUSIC. They are HOUSE MUSIC… and they changed our lives forever…

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Le Spot On… Todd Edwards [Pt.1]


The first record I bought from TODD EDWARDS was his remix of ST GERMAIN‘s ALABAMA BLUES in 1995. I was really strucked by the uniqueness of his sound and the way he was inventing music, instantly fan.

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Le Spot On… Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Dynamic Rockers  Present - Le Spot On... Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Talking about ROULÉ brings back so much memory… Honestly, one of the best FRENCH HOUSE label ever. THOMAS BANGALTER founded the label in 1995 for the purpose of releasing independent records parallel to the DAFT PUNK‘s project without any compromise. If you listen to DAFT PUNK‘s early work, live acts and interviews, you will understand that this label was really Thomas’ playground…

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