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Le Spot On… Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Dynamic Rockers  Present - Le Spot On... Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Posted the 4th mars 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

Talking about ROULÉ brings back so much memory… Honestly, one of the best FRENCH HOUSE label ever.

THOMAS BANGALTER founded the label in 1995 for the purpose of releasing independent records parallel to the DAFT PUNK‘s project without any compromise. If you listen to DAFT PUNK‘s early work, live acts and interviews, you will understand that this label was really Thomas’ playground…

The first time I put my hand on a ROULÉ record was in 1997 at HMV in Leeds, it was ALAN BRAXE‘s VERTIGO, insane. The build up of this track is crazy and was instantly setting up dancefloors on fire… The FRENCH TOUCH Craze was about to explode.

1998 was a big year for ROULÉ. Early July, all the eyes were on France after winning the World Cup and STARDUST‘s hit single MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU was on the air to celebrate this time of joy. It was absolutely everywhere! even CHANNEL 4 used it as its summer program teaser.

In August, THOMAS BANGALTER released the second part of his 1995 TRAX ON DA ROCKS, and all previous releases were repressed by popular demand. I remember that during the summer 1998 these records were constantly out of stock at all DJ stores in Leeds and our names were on limited pre-order lists to get them in priority. Everybody who was into djing at this time was collecting all these underground anthems.

As a first episode about ROULÉ, I will let you enjoy the sound of an era and a label which changed the HOUSE MUSIC history.

In the next episode: Our first encounter with ROULÉ MUSIC management at their offices in 2002 and DJ FALCON in 2004 ;)

Ⓒ Dynamic Rockers 2014



01. Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda
02. Dj Falcon – Honeymoon
03. Stardust – Music Sounds better with you (Bibi & Dim’s Anthem From Paris)
04. Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
05. Buffalo Bunch – Buffalo Club
06. Alan Braxe – Vertigo (Virgo Edit)
07. Dj Falcon – Untitled




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