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Le Spot On… Phil Weeks [Pt.1]


Posted the 2nd mai 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

The first time we saw PHIL WEEKS live was in 2004 at the TERRASSA PARTY in Paris. He was opening for Chicago House Legend DJ SNEAK. I remember a super fat set which drove everybody insane. I also remember that the party started at 8:00pm and finished at 6:00am. It was a long, long House music run in a hot summer night. The following year he was there again, this time opening for DERRICK CARTER and once again the night was wicked and memorable.

PHIL started mixing and producing in Paris during his teenage in the mid 90s. He is totally influenced by the US House Scene and its main actors, and overall, the Chicago Scene. To define his sound, he makes PARISIAN CHICAGO HOUSE :)
He started his label ROBSOUL in 2000 as personal playground where he would be able to release his own work. It worked so well, and became so respected that he opened it to other artists amongst who we find DJ SNEAK, DERRICK CARTER, MARK FARINA, HECTOR MORALES, MONOMAN… just to say :)

With more than 250 TRACKS released under his name he his one of the true believers and defenders of the real Underground House music. He is also one of these DJs that we see the most often and love to dance to. Of course, last time he was in our hometown Montreal, we were there :)
For all this he gets our full respect and appreciation. Carry on Phil ;)

Before we get further and deeper in his discography the next few weeks, here is little selection to set you in the mood for more ;)

Ⓒ Dynamic Rockers 2014


Dynamic Rockers
Le Spot On... Phil Weeks [Pt.1]


Fries & Bridges – Just Because (Ghetto Mix)
Phil Weeks – All Day Every Day (Original Mix)
Phil Weeks – Do That Dance (Original Mix)
Phil Weeks – By My Side (Hector Morales Ghetto Mix)
Phil Weeks – Live at Palladium
Phil Weeks Feat. Derrick L. Carter – Where U At (Original Mix)
Phil Weeks – Stay Stayin’ (Original Mix)





Connect With PHIL WEEKS
PHIL WEEKS On Facebook
PHIL WEEKS/Robsoul Recordings On SoundCloud
PHIL WEEKS’s monthly Underground Chronicle On Youtube (Don’t pass on this!)
PHIL WEEKS On Beatport
PHIL WEEKS Official Website

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