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Le Spot On… Alan Braxe [Pt.1]


The first time I put my hand on an ALAN BRAXE‘s record was in 1997 at HMV in Leeds, it was VERTIGO on ROULÉ MUSIC, insane. The build up of this track is crazy and was instantly setting up dancefloors on fire…

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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #13 – From Deep To House


Welcome aboard for the 13th session of the DYNAMIC ROCKERSLIVE n’DYREC radio Show.
This week, we open the show with the title HYPERSENSITIVE LOVER by the very talented up and coming artist ISAAC TISCHAUER from the FRENCH EXPRESS roster.

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Le Spot On… DJ Sneak [Pt.1]


CARLOS SOSA aka DJ SNEAK is amongst our most influential HOUSE MUSIC artist, he changed our lives. The first track we ever listen to from DJ Sneak was TRIBAL SEX in 1995, instantly hooked.

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Le Spot On… Henry Street Music [Pt.1]


Legendary label founded in 1993 by JOHNNY « D » DE MAIRO and NICHOLAS PALMERO JR. aka NICKY P, HENRY STREET is just one of the best NYC House music label of all time.

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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #12 – House Classics Session


This LIVE n’DYREC radio show #12 is an hour long of UNDERGROUND HOUSE CLASSICS only. We open the show with the incredible title WHIPPED CREAM by HOMEWORK from one of our favourite 2011 release HUDSON SQUARE EP. Next is TO FALL IN LOVE IS TRUE by the talented up and coming artist ISAAC TISCHAUER from the FRENCH EXPRESS roster…

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Le Spot On… Masters At Work [Pt.1]


The name sums it all, there is music before, and music after the MASTERS AT WORK
Saying that they are influential is a weak word… They are the Masters! The originators of New York HOUSE MUSIC. They are HOUSE MUSIC… and they changed our lives forever…

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STUDIO 514 – Session #01 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.1]


As a first episode and introduction to this new program, we are pleased to announce you the birth of the STUDIO 514.
The name is an obvious reference to the famous late 70s NYC disco nightclub which I do need to name ;)
514 is the area code of our beloved home City, Montreal. So here we are… STUDIO 514.

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Le Spot On… Todd Edwards [Pt.1]


The first record I bought from TODD EDWARDS was his remix of ST GERMAIN‘s ALABAMA BLUES in 1995. I was really strucked by the uniqueness of his sound and the way he was inventing music, instantly fan.

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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #11 – From Deep To House


This month we open the show with the excellent title SO REEL by TROYDON released on his FUTUREBUZZ EP. Then we decided to get back to 1997 with this Deep House milestone by FRESH & LOW entitled COOL SIDE released on the now retired Classic House Label GUIDANCE. More than 15 years after, it’s still a bomb!

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Le Spot On… Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Dynamic Rockers  Present - Le Spot On... Roulé Music [Pt.1]

Talking about ROULÉ brings back so much memory… Honestly, one of the best FRENCH HOUSE label ever. THOMAS BANGALTER founded the label in 1995 for the purpose of releasing independent records parallel to the DAFT PUNK‘s project without any compromise. If you listen to DAFT PUNK‘s early work, live acts and interviews, you will understand that this label was really Thomas’ playground…

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