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STUDIO 514 – Session #03 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.3]


Posted the 1st juillet 2014 by in STUDIO 514

This is it! The third episod of our monthly STUDIO 514 disco session is here.
This week, we open the show with DYNAMIC SUPERIORS and I CAN’T STAY AWAY. Next to come is GAYLE ADAMS with YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF with this nice Rhodes solo at the end, followed by the unexpected but excellent duet TWO HEARTS by STEPHANIE MILLS & TEDDY PENDERGRASS.

Enjoy one hour of gems from the attic with RIDING by MICHAEL HENDERSON and once again in the show BRAINSTORM with WE’RE ONE OUR WAY HOME that’s has been nicely sampled by JOHNICK on their classic house tune HOMESTORM
To conclude this third STUDIO 514 session, we picked up one of the most beautiful Soul song ever done, LEON WARE with INSTANT LOVE.

STUDIO 514, underground disco only!


Dynamic Rockers
STUDIO 514 – Session #03 – Gems From The Attic [Pt.03]


01. Dynamic Superiors – I can’t stay away
02. Gayle Adams – You Brought It On Yourself
03. Stephanie Mills – Two Hearts
04. Michael Henderson – Riding
05. Brainstorm – We’re On Our Way Home
06. The Controllers – You Ain’t Fooling Me
07. Double Exposure – Everyman (Original Walter Gibbons)
08. Herbie Hancock – Magic Number
09. Olympic Runners – Sir Dancealot
10. Gladys Knight – Love Is On Your Mind
11. Leon Ware – Instant Love

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