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Le Spot On… Crydamoure [Pt.1]

Le Spot On Crydamoure

Posted the 27th mars 2015 by in LE SPOT ON...

For this SPOT ON, we are going back in time in 1996, back to the roots of the FRENCH HOUSE MUSIC scene with the label CRYDAMOURE. GUY MANUEL DE HOMEM CHRISTO, one half of DAFT PUNK, founded the label with his friend ERIC ‘RICO’ CHEDEVILLE at first to release their own productions under their band name LE KNIGHT CLUB. RICO who just left in August 1996 the previous label he started up, PUMPKING, wanted to build a new playground where he could experiment music with his friend. They are soon joined by pioneers like PAUL JOHNSON and DJ SNEAK, and also up and coming artists like THE BUFFALO BUNCH who exploded in 1998 with their release on the label SCRATCHÉ, brother label of ROULÉ, THOMAS BANGALTER’s label.

CRYDAMOURE was definitely a trendsetting label of the FRENCH HOUSE MUSIC scene for almost 6 years, making every records they released super sought after in the late 90s / early 00s.

The first time we met them was in December 2001 in Paris. It was for a special event organised by the label at the ELYSEE MONTMATRE entitled Toy Club 2001 – CRYDAMOURE présente la soirée des jouets. The concept was really nice; the entrance was free if you brought a new unopened toy. It would be later given to an orphanage, sweet action. The set was amazing, starring DJ SNEAK and LE KNIGHT CLUB, the place was packed and everybody was high on sound, such an incredible feeling.

Early 2003 we had the chance to visit the CRYDAMOURE Studios and meet RICO and GUYMAN. As a matter of fact, we sent them a new demo tape and they wanted to meet us to chat about our music and listen to it. We were quite thrilled to do so ;)
Unfortunately, the label was at a turning point, they had just released ARCHIGRAM – DOGGYSTYLE (CRYDA019), which would eventually be their last record, and they wanted to move into other directions. Explore new genres of music, making their studio, a recording studio for other bands, maybe producing them, they were in the midst of a deep reflection about the future of their beloved company.

Eventually, CRYDAMOURE licensed all its tracks to SOURCE LAB/VIRGIN FRANCE to make two compilations gathering their releases: WAVES and WAVES II.

As a first episode about the CRYDAMOURE label, here is a little selection to please your ears, discover or rediscover this legendary HOUSE label. Enjoy ;)

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Le Spot On... Crydamoure [Pt.1]


Le Knight Club – Santa Claus
Le Knight Club – Tropicall
The Buffalo Bunch – Take It To The Street
Paul Johnson – White Winds
Le Knight Club – Holiday On ice
Le Knight Club – Boogie Shell
The Buffalo Bunch – Music Box
Le Knight Club – Coco Girlz




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