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Le Spot On… Pépé Bradock [Pt.1]


Posted the 24th octobre 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

Parisian Julien Auger aka Pépé Bradock is definitely one of the most acclaimed producers of the French Touch era. Swinging beats, brilliant cutups, smart structures, attitude, eclecticism and experimentation could define Pépé Bradock‘s music properly.

Pépé Bradock started music as a guitar player then bought an AKAI S9000 sampler and a Roland JV synthetizer during the Old-School Rap era. When Techno and House Music became stronger in the Parisian scene, Julien Auger switched to House music and produced his first EP in 1996 entitled St Glin-Glin EP with his friend Guillaume Berroyer aka Ark under the moniker Trankilou.This was the beginning of the French Touch era and Pépé Bradock was amongst the few early founders of the movement. Trankilou backslide in 1997 with Escalope De Dingue EP that became a huge success on the Underground House scene. This was the first record we heard from him and what a discovery! Alongside six other tunes, the title that really stood up was Atom Funk. Everybody played this title at this time. Daft Punk use to play it a lot on radio shows and parties and Atom Funk was a revelation for us. This title in itself defined the basis of the French Touch. Short Soul Music samples looped over and over, swinging drums samples over a 909 layer, vocal cutups, everlasting build up and dirty 12bits sound, the recipe was written for the next decade.

In 1998, Pépé Bradock released his first album Synthèse containing the best of Bradock amongst other new tunes. Switching from hip-hop interludes, to refined Deep House tracks, this LP is a true gem and is still a very inspiring piece of art.

Pépé Bradock output pace is about two records a year but we are not talking about one sided recycled music. When Julien Auger decides to release a new EP, it’s a real treat, with a lot of artistic consideration. The covers are unique and arty, the track names are smart and funny : Unapologetic Weightlessness, Un pépé dans la dentelle, Veaux Carnivores… and Pépé Bradock never stops pushing the bounderies of his own creativity.

In 2000, Pépé Bradock launched is own record label Atavisme. With a very extended repertoire of thirteen stunning EP, it was hard to set a tracklist that covers the full spectrum of Pépé Bradock music. We decided to start this first episode with Bradock‘s Classic House tunes. Let’s play our 40 minutes minicast of Underground House Music with Le Spot On… Pépé Bradock!

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Dynamic Rockers
Le Spot On... Pépé Bradock [Pt.1]


Venus – Sunshine People (Pépé Bradock Remix)
Pépé Bradock – The Charter
Pépé Bradock – Mouth (Brad Peep’s Remix for Friends)
Pépé Bradock – Deep Burnt
Trankilou – Bill Collector
Pépé Bradock – Atom Funk
Pépé Bradock – Vermeille
Pépé Bradock – 100% Coton



PEPE BRADOCK Interview at the Red Bull Music Academy Sao Paulo


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