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Le Spot On… Local Talk Records [Pt.2]


Posted the 3rd décembre 2015 by in LE SPOT ON...

Founded in Stockholm in 2011, Local Talk is run by Mats Karlsson aka Mad Mats and Tobias Lidström Tooli. Obviously those two Swedish deejays share the same profound love for Classic and Old-school House Music. The first time we heard about Local Talk was through their major 2012 release Breaking produced by the Berliner duet Kyodai. Everybody played this great title and it really deserved its success. Since then, Local Talk Records has became one of the most talked about and hyped labels to watch out for in the Underground House Scene.

With a very distinctive basic green and retro design coming straight from 1992, Local Talk musically reminds a lot of the nineties House Garage label Nice ‘N’ Ripe or the legendary Strictly Rhythm. Local Talk sonic signature is the perfect blend between old-school sampling work of short hit chunks over a swinging early MAW-esque beat and a fair amount of today’s production skills. In other words, basic, catchy, banging, good ol’House Music tunes with a 2014 twist.

From 2011 Local Talk has gone a long way and after three years of intense release, it’s the favourite host of prestigious House Music artists such as Kyodai, HNNY, Sampling As An Art aka S3A, Andreas Saag, Willie Graff, Art of Tones, our Canadian fellow Fred Everything, Lee Webster, and Opolopo to name a few.

Local Talk is defintely part of the genuine Underground House Music scene and to congratulate Mad Mats and Tooli on releasing top House records, we wanted to dedicate this week podcast : Le Spot On… Local Talk. Play it loud!

Ⓒ Dynamic Rockers 2015

NEW! DYNAMIC ROCKERS present LE SPOT ON… Local Talk Records [Pt.2]Enjoy a 30min selection of pure genuine DEEP HOUSE music… SOUNDCLOUD ➤ https://soundcloud.com/dynamicrockers/le-spot-on-local-talk-2

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Dynamic Rockers
Le Spot On... Local Talk Records [Pt.2]


Kyodai – Breaking
Art of Tones – The Rainbow Song
Merrick – The Scene (Dub)
Adesse Versions – Wash My Soul
HNNY – Nothing
Corrado Bucci – It’s Not Over (Kyodai Rework)
Art Of Tones – The Same Thing (Dub)
Crackazat – Eye Light



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