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Le Spot On… Crydamoure [Pt.1]

Le Spot On Crydamoure

For this SPOT ON, we are going back in time in 1996, back to the roots of the FRENCH HOUSE MUSIC scene with the label CRYDAMOURE. GUY MANUEL DE HOMEM CHRISTO, one half of DAFT PUNK, founded the label with his friend ERIC ‘RICO’ CHEDEVILLE at first to release their own productions under their band name LE KNIGHT CLUB.

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Le Spot On… Alan Braxe [Pt.1]


The first time I put my hand on an ALAN BRAXE‘s record was in 1997 at HMV in Leeds, it was VERTIGO on ROULÉ MUSIC, insane. The build up of this track is crazy and was instantly setting up dancefloors on fire…

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