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Le Spot On… UK Rave [Pt.1]


Posted the 1st mars 2014 by in LE SPOT ON...

Back early 90s, there were two music movements and two inventive ground breaking styles of music: GRUNGE on the electric rock side, RAVE on the electronic one. Each one was at the very end of the music spectrum from one other, but both were very exciting and super innovating.

Before 1991-1992, these two styles were rampant underground before they became too big to remain hidden. They both entered the UK TOP 40 almost at the same time: NIRVANA on one side, ALTERN8 and THE PRODIGY on the other one… and they were only the tip of the Iceberg. I clearly remember them entering the TOP OF THE POPS :)

As kids and early teenagers, we were smashed by those two cultures and new sound. The first time we saw THE PRODIGY‘s music video for EVERYBODY IN THE PLACE we were hit by the sound and images… What was this crazy addictive sound ?!? Honestly, how was this made ;)

I am not even talking about the crazy chemical/biohazard outfit worn by ALTERN8… This came out of space; these guys were wickedly inventing something before our eyes… Can you imagine that you could find these guys’ CD singles and 7″ at WOOLWORTH‘s next to the pick’n mix candy stands :) Insane… And yes this was an other era; none of these exist any longer.

Beside this, PARTYZONE hosted by SIMONE ANGEL on MTV was THE program to keep you updated with what was going on. We remember recording it every week not too miss a single new music videos. Even the commercials for dance compilations were giving you insights of the tracks and genre that were coming up ;)

This first SPOT ON about this movement is an introduction to one of the earliest electronic music we got influenced by, and which really changed our lives.

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Dynamic Rockers
Le Spot On... UK Rave [Pt.1]


Before we get further and deeper in the next few weeks, here is little selection of gems to set you in the mood for more ;)

01. SL2 – Ragga Tip
02. The Prodigy – Out of space
03. Altern8 – Evapor8
04. Liquid – Sweet Harmony
05. The Prodigy – Your Love
06. The Prodigy – Charly (Trip Into Drum & Bass version)
07. Altern8 – ReIndulge




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