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LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #15 – House Session


Posted the 31st juillet 2014 by in LIVE n'DYREC

Welcome aboard for this 15th session of the DYNAMIC ROCKERSLIVE n’DYREC Radio Show!

This week, we open the show with a fantastic track called Julie’s Theme by Sound Stream. The sample work on this tune is very clever and pretty unique. Then comes Let The Rhythm by The Deepshakerz followed by the beautiful Geeses by Frits Wentink.

Enjoy one hour of pure HOUSE with, once again, the remix of Chicken Tetrazzini by Monoman, followed by Soulphiction and his smooth song Drama Queen. Awanto 3 rock the House this month with You Made Me Change Of Heart

After thirty more minutes of pure House Music with Max Graef and his wonderful As If, released on the obscure Times Are Ruff label, comes the classic Clap Your Hands by Lil’ Louis & The World and the hard to find Cat Lady by Fouk. What a nice groove!

To conclude this 15th session, we decided to play the dirty old-school House track Moscato (A Side) by Anthony Naples. It’s noisy but it’s all good!

Dynamic Rockers LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show, We love UNDERGROUND HOUSE MUSIC !


Dynamic Rockers
LIVE n’DYREC Radio Show – Episode #15 – House Session


01. Sound Stream – Julie’s Theme
02. Chube.Ka & The Deepshakerz – Let The Rhythm
03. Frits Wentink – Geeses
04. Robert Dietz – Interrude
05. Rylan White – Chicken Tetrazzini (Monoman Remix)
06. Soulphiction – Drama Queen
07. Awanto 3 – You Made Me Change Of Heart
08. Max Graef – As If
09. Lil’ Louis & The World – Clap Your Hands
10. Deetron – Orange
11. S3A – Those Voices
12. Fouk – Cat Lady
13. Graef & Seibt – Kotschleuder
14. Anthony Naples – Moscato A1

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